Adding in another colour

As my collection of designs is beginning to extend I am finding that I am using similar colours such as the greys, navy and orange. My colour board consists of a yellow to represent markings in streets but I am finding that this colour is to bright and creating this yellow within the dye baths I am limited to the tone of yellow I can create as there are only two options of yellow. Both that are too bright (see technical file)


Above is my collection so far and I can see it needs another colour to help break up the collection and extend the range of designs. I do have other colours within my palette such as the green which does work with this but it does need a lighter vibrant colour.

I have revisited my research of the worldhood trend to see what they have predicted for A/W and they have included an ivory/sand tones. I think this colour may work well in this collection as pale beige concrete buildings are usually found within city areas. It is also a colour that it is able to work with the brighter colours. My only worry with this colour is that it will change my designs I’ve created so far making it appear boring, so I will dedicate a morning to getting this colour and the afternoon experimenting with my designs with this new colour to see if this is the case.


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