Today has not been the most productive, I have been running around trying to get things to work and after a stressful weekend I was really hoping today would get me back on my feet. With easter fast approaching I am really beginning to worry, I can’t see a collection of 20-30 designs coming together and I really don’t want my collection to look as if I’ve just put anything and everything together. As well as this I am finding it so hard to balance Field work, working on subject, working on my portfolio, applying for Master programmes and working 16 hours a week, there literally is not enough hours in the day, anything social is quite literally out the window. I don’t think I could dedicate any more time to uni work than I already am, yet my days aren’t coming along smoothly.

Today I planned to get some more screen printed designs and experiment with devore to represent my inspiration from the mesh fences, gates. However today I have been running around trying to find a printer that works and trying to get Steve to make me up some paste and as I’ve spent almost all morning doing this, I think this will be a job for tomorrow as I can not afford to waste anymore time today and will begin to research into alternative colour palette for my collection.







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