Introducing Colour

As previously mentioned that I planned to using screen printing as a way of introducing colour in to my work to concur this overwhelming fear of colour, today was the day to solve this.

Using screen printing had made this struggle a lot easier for me, seeing the print on fabrics made everything come to life a lot quicker, that gap of visualising it from a laptop screen was solved. The colours on the screen on Photoshop were too graphic and bold for my collection making it hard for me to see what they would look like on fabrics.

I found that the orange background with the grey and navy blue worked best because the grey sat on top of the orange managing to hold its exact same shade of grey. I like this print best because it is bold without being too overpowering which represents my urban theme well as these are typical colours you find within urban streets. The mark making of the oil pastel has held its texture well through the printing process which is good because this also represents my theme – working with different medias to create the textures found within urban streets.

However the difficulty I had with screen printing today was that the colour did not appear as bright when printing on the darker fabrics which resulted in the pattern looking flat. This is not what I want within my design collection because the streets I have visited are always upbeat and full of character (and London as a whole) and I want that to come through within my designs. So although the green background may be more tasteful for some as it is slightly more toned down the orange background will be the best one for my collection because it represents London better.

As displayed in the first photo, I have found that the smocking sample completed the other day works well with the prints, the colours used nicely ties it in together which is inevitably good to begin to extend my collection and let it breathe from the heavy prints.








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