Digital Designing

A lot of my inspiration for this project has come from buildings and architecture found within the areas I have visited so it only seems natural to include this within my design collection. I have found that digital works best with this process because I want to keep the detail and overall effect of the buildings, using Photoshop and editing the photos ever so slightly allows me to keep this. If I was to screen print a photo I would loose a lot of the detail leaving me with an outline and that is not what I want, I want the theme to be clear.

Above are a small collection of samples where I have used my photos taken from London to create patterns. I have taken elements of the photos and manipulated them to create an illusion. The lines used were taken from the escalators found within tube stations, this creating an illusion because it looks as if the lines are moving.  I like this because it is a design that is simple enough to work alongside the busier patterns I have manipulated in photoshop.

My only slight worry with these patterns is that they are in monotone. I think the monotone does have the potential to bring the urban approach down but I think that it is almost necessary to include a bit of monotone/greyscale into my collection because it also represents the gritty and dark side of London and found within researched areas. Where the buildings aren’t grand or elegantly designed. But with fear of adding colour to the collection almost defeated through the use of screen printing, this is becoming less and less of a worry of mine.

The next step for these designs are to send them to be printed to see how they work and look on fabrics.







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