Chelsea Design week

Yesterday I went to London to visit Chelsea’s design centre for any final inspirations for my project and for the degree show. I was mostly trying to find some inspiration from bold interiors, to try and find something that I could relate my designs to and almost justify having such a bold collection for interiors. Unfortunately, I found that there wasn’t as much of a wide variety of bold interiors which made me think that maybe there is a market for bold, bright urban interiors. Finding that a lot of the designs I came across were very neutral and pastel which is far from my collection and my style.

The design companies I found most inspirational were cole&son and Kirkby design.  Although cole&son’s latest collection was animal based, all in all it was bright, giving me a few ideas for contrasting patterns and borders as well as it reassuring me that an interiors collection can be bright, as I was previously struggling to visualise my patterns in an interiors collection.

Kirkby design also grabbed my attention for a similar reason, a lot of their patterns were bold with statement prints which again reassured me with my designing process. I also took a shine to them because of their underground collection as my project has been mostly influenced by London, naturally I was inclined to see others interpretations of design in London.

Amongst inspirations from other interiors design I was looking out for how they had displayed their fabrics. Which was exciting because I was overwhelmed with all the possible ways I could display my designs but it was equally nervewracking because the money and time I would have to invest into buying and printing designs would be a lot. Nonetheless I am particularly interested in upholstering a chair/sofa with my prints, which inevitably would save me time because I wouldn’t have to do it myself – so from this inspiration I will be researching into companies that can upholster furniture with my fabrics.

I like how in the first photo with the chair and wallpaper are in the same fabric, this was another trend that was popular on WGSN and was something I was keen on working with. This was good to see because it allowed me to see how other people were using trends. I do also like how there is a backdrop of pattern. so you can see the full repeat as well as how it can be used within a product. Next I do like how the fabrics are draping off the wall. Full length fabrics are defiantly something I am interested in as a surface pattern designer you get to see the full potential i think and I was also more inclined to paying more attention to these because they looked more tactile rather than neatly packed into rails.

With this trip I have noticed how the spaces are not filled with loads of fabrics and products. Less is more and in my space I think I will continue with this ongoing theme and make sure my display is as good as these.


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