Colour dilemma

Its becoming more of a chore everyday to begin to use colour. I am finding it hard but I’m not sure if I am finding it hard because my taste in colour and style is not bright, I usually tone things down with a grey or black in my day to day life and I think this is why I naturally am work with a monotone colour palette in my designs and this is why I am finding it hard to add colour in to something when I don’t live and breathe it.

A quick tutorial today with Irene helped, we spoke about adding in just small elements of colour, a small splash of colour, which made me feel a little relieved to hear that a monotone collection could work with a splash of colour – my pleated sample proving the most successful so far, which I have mentioned myself in my previous blog post on pleating.

It has to be said that although I am trying to include colour to my collection, I am happy to have a monotone palette within it I have found that the monotone photography is most successful in black and white because the design and the buildings speak for itself rather than the array of colours in a photograph, so this doesn’t worry me. I can’t help but think that the colour is need for my trend of urban streets.

I have experimented using photoshop as a quick way of adding colour but its too graphic and intense so I think the next best thing to tackle this problem will be to take some of my designs and use them in screen printing because I am not intimidated by the dyed fabrics I created, I only seem to be intimidated by digital colour so tomorrow I will expose a screen and begin to put my designs in practice with my dyed fabrics.


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