As I have a small collection of mark making designs that could be used for potential co ordinating designs I know I need to develop more base designs. So today I focused on creating more base designs that can work alongside my other sketches and marks made and decided to take on collaging.

I was a little apprehensive to begin with about collaging because its not something I had done before and I didn’t want my collages to look like a collaged mess of papers. However as soon as I got stuck into it I found that I really enjoyed it, some working out better than others but I mostly enjoyed it because I was able to use my colour palette and my colour palette is something at times I feel intimidated by so this to a certain extent solved one of my problems. It was also a good way of combing textures and photographs that I have taken and through my experimentation I know that I want to include both photographs and texture so collaging also worked well for this element.


I am really pleased with my collage piece because its a good combination of the marks I have made, which means they will correspond well with any coordinating designs. As much as I do like this I am struggling to see how this will work as a repeat or even how this design will transform on to anything. Getting it to be a potential repeat is one thing and then visualising it on something whether that be for interiors or fashion just seems virtually impossible. I am defiantly feeling overwhelmed and with easter fast approaching I don’t feel as if I can see the end of the tunnel.

Although with this design block that I appear to be having, I do like the collaging it works with my theme because of the combination of medias and through the influence of ripped posters on billboards etc. I just however need to get pass this design block to actually begin to create a collection.


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