Stitch techniques – pin tucking

For my collection of designs for interiors I would like to include elements of stitch. This is because it will allow the collection to breathe. My collection predominately will consist of print and although I want my collection to be bold to represent my urban theme, I don’t want my collection to be too bold and clash. So to include stitch, I feel this will help create a balance in my design collection.


Above I have experimented with pin tucking. A stitch technique I have always liked, giving you a design within itself quick and easy. I used this specific stitch technique because it was a good representation of wires that I have seen around tube stations in my visits to London.

I experimented by pulling the thread out of the stitched line to create this looped effect. I do rather like this as it has created effortless texture but I do think it looks a little messy from afar and because of this I will only continue with the string stitched in.

Here I have used blue thread on grey influenced from my colour palette, but I think it would be nicer to use another colour such as orange with the grey because it would give it a lift and make the design more exciting. The blue thread almost looks lost in the grey background.


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