International Womens Day

Todays professional practice falls on international women’s day and today we had a panel of fantastic people, talking about women’s rights, labour rights and sustainable fashion etc. The list goes on, I was completely hooked and learn’t so much today.

I was already aware of some of the inequalities in women and fashion industry as its always something I’ve had an interest in and because I chose to research it for my dissertation. However, I never really knew the extent of it and it is something I am constantly contributing to and I now want to make more of a conscious effort to become more sustainable and ethical.

Alex was most incredible for me, such a inspiring woman with a good story, her ethics in sustainable fashion and waste is something I feel I can relate to. As a consumer I am constantly trying to find something that is fashionable and sustainable and I feel as if Alex has hit the nail on the head. I was interested in how it ever seemed possible to compete with high street brands, where consumers  are constantly looking for the next cheapest thing, its hard to change their mindset to get them to choose the sustainable option, the answer was ‘to collaberate rather than compete’ and as a designer this makes the problem seem a lot more approachable. I think there is a sustainable future and if we can all make a conscious effort to tackle it, we will get there!





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