Puff Binder

Today I experimented with puff binder, I experimented with this because I thought it was a good representation of an urban style, its raised textures is something that I have seen in fashion design continuously and I would quite like to carry this through to my interiors collection to create the same effect.


Although this jumper doesn’t consist of any puff, this is where I got my inspiration to use puff. The raised and 3D effect is something puff binder can create.

As well as the raised texture, I was also inspired by the squiggles. I think this too gives an urban style as it almost looks like it has been inspired by graffiti and the connection is something that works within my theme as graffiti was found in almost every street I visited in London.

To carry through with this inspiration I recreated this using resist paper because I liked the effect I got last time and found that worked well in picking up small textures. Textures are important for this project because it something I am focusing on heavily and are constantly found within urban streets. To create these fine textures I used a paint brush to get a painterly effect.

Above are my experimentations. I like them because of the fine textures I managed to create. However I found that the puff binder is pretty unreliable, the colours you see are not what expected. The grey was supposed to be navy blue and the pink was supposed to be  bright red. This makes me a little anxious for using it again in the future, but nonetheless I like the squiggles I have created, the brush marks represent my graffiti inspirations well as this could be a typical tool to use.


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