Design development

I am now at that stage where I am beginning to take my drawings further into designs and I am feeling as if I’m back to square one, every time I start the next stage in a project I get this overwhelming fear and I have no reason why, I think its because I’m so particular of what I want that I just scrap everything that doesn’t turn out as well and then panic about time.

So this time round I am trying not to be so particular and just go with it and get as many designs out as I possibly can and then hopefully designs will develop. With that mindset today has been ok, it is still proving a bit of a challenge to do this but the biggest challenge I am facing is introducing my colour to my designs. I feel comfortable working with a monotone colour palette but when it comes to introducing colour in photoshop I think it changes the dimension of my theme making it seem distasteful. I do love my colour palette when its on fabrics but when it comes designing I appear to only like the monotone palette.

Today I have also found that I have a lot of mark making designs which is great for potential co ordinating designs but I don’t appear to have enough intricate repeats or patterns that will coincide with these, I like photography with the combination of marks the only difficulty with this is trying to make these into a successful repeat that can be used.

My plan for tomorrow is to continue with designing and experiment more with photography and marks to make patterns. I also plan to take a couple of my designs into printing and print these designs on different substrates to see the different effects I can get.


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