Dye Baths – Part 3

Following on from yesterday, I spent my time in the dye baths recreating my colours and it was a success, I managed to recreate the same colours using my recipes, something that I was nervous about, I didn’t want to feel as if I’ve wasted all my time to find that I was unable to recreate my colours and equally didn’t want to spend any more time trying to get my colours right.

However, now that I have all my colours made I can continue with drawing and design development, the only thing I am nervous for is that when it comes to dying lengths of fabrics for the degree show the colour won’t be even, I have found in some of my larger samples when the fabric has floated up to the surface of the dye bath it creates patches of a lighter green, something I didn’t think would be a problem but equally glad that this has happened now on samples rather than on the final. I am also worried that I won’t be able to calculate the amount of dye to the length of fabrics, maths is defiantly not my strong point, but I’m sure Steve will give me hand in getting this right.

Trying to create the grey led to the creation of the green, which then influenced the colour of the navy blue without this trial and error I don’t think I would of found the perfect colour match in my palette.  I am so glad I have managed to create all my colours in palette it was proven difficult but I got there I am glad I persevered, I am so so pleased with my colour palette, I love it!  The only colour I will have to buy is the grey because that was virtually impossible to create on the cottons, but for the silk organza it works perfectly, so there will be a combination of fabrics for the grey.



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