City Pollution textures

Many times I have mentioned that I love texture and mark making as I think it is so effective and more effective with my theme. As my theme is inspired by urban cities I want to create textures that can help represent that of the city and what comes along with urban cities apart from the energy is the gritty side of things. One of them being pollution. To get a true representation of an urban city I want to use mark making to create textures that can represent the gritty side of London. Through my previous trip to Beijing last year where pollution and smog was visible I will use this an indicator for creating designs based on pollution.

Throughout the past weeks I have been creating texture by using oil pastels, charcoal and gouache etc I found what works best for me, my style and theme is oil pastel and charcoal but beginning to find that there are only a certain amount of textures you can create from one media.

So I have been trying to think out side the box, how can I create textures differently? Steve gave me some resist paper and said ‘Just play!’ so I did, I was carefree and created stroke marks, I know what my inspirations were but I didn’t know how I was going to create them right this second and being carefree worked. Being carefree and not really knowing how I was going to create my inspirations put me at an advantage because I wasn’t being so precious I created some really fun textures.

Above are my is the textures and marks madde created on resist paper. I used sand paper to create these really fine lines because I felt the brush marks needed to blend in the design to help create a smog like effect.


Above are my screen print samples using the colours from my colour palette. I really like the textures I have created and they look even better once they have been printed because they have only picked up the fine details I have made and that is what texture is all about – attention to detail.

This is just a starting point and I think it is a good starting point. I will continue to experiment and think of other ways to apply these textures.


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