Dye Baths – Part 2

Following on from my plan last week I finalised the colour orange and it matches my colour palette perfectly. This was great news, defiantly what I needed to keep motivated in dying my fabrics, so from this I dyed a few larger samples to use later on for screen printing.

The second colour green, this is proving almost impossible, I’ve mixed up every possible way of creating green and I just can’t do it, I’m getting every shade/tone of green you could think of but not the green in my colour palette. Typical. I think this may be because of the colours I am mixing together, using a royal blue and lemon yellow for example is not going to give me the right shade and even with adding black the colour is not developing as well on cottons as it is for silks and I am using dyrect dyes which is specifically used for cottons.

As I was feeling motivated with one colour ticked off, I quickly felt deflated again, feeling like this is very much a rollercoaster. I wanted to move on to the next colour because I didn’t want to get bogged down and began making grey. Again, grey was proving impossible to make, the dyrect dye for cottons was turning out blue but again the the silk organza was working perfectly ¬†picking up the right shade of grey. However in this process of trying to create a deep grey onto cottons and that failing, I did manage to create the perfect green for my colour palette by leaving it in the dye bath for slightly longer. I would of thought It would of produced a navy, but instead, the green I have desperately been trying to make.

Now I have managed to create two successful colours within my palette and I will follow my recipe created and tomorrow I will dye larger samples like I did with the orange to use for screen printing.

I am nervous for the slight chance that I won’t be able to recreate the same colour. If this is the case what I will do is explore into pre dyed fabrics and have a combination of my dyed fabrics that worked best with pre dyed fabrics. I think I will have to do this for the grey anyway as I have tried to create a grey using every dye there is and have been unsuccessful on cottons, but I will still combine it with the organza that worked well in the grey dye baths.

The colours left to dye are navy and yellow. Ideally I would like my colours to be final tomorrow because then I can take my drawings and marks I have created into print and work on my dyed fabrics this week and next. Tomorrow I will recreate the greens for larger samples and continue with both on the organza and then I will know whether to buy pre dyed cottons to work alongside my dyed fabrics.




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