Colour and mark making

Today I spent my day in uni (on a Saturday!!) with the hope that I would be more motivated and productive when working  in the studio and it was good to a certain extent, it wasn’t as productive as I’d hoped but I still managed to get some bits done and come up with a potential new technique that seemed to work with me and my theme.

Firstly I began with colour composition and this exercise was purely so I could get my head around my colour and begin to see what colours worked well with one another and what colour ratio worked best.

When I started to put my colours together I found that I really do like my colour palette, I think together they all work well and it really does help create the urban theme I am looking for. However as I went on selecting colours together, I did find that they didn’t all work that well, for example, I took the darker colours within my palette and placed them together, this was just too dark, it didn’t have a vibrancy about it and with the streets I have been visiting you can almost guarantee a pop of bright colour.

From this exercise I found that I like the collaging side and now have considered it as a potential route for designing and print experimentation. Since finding that I liked colour collaging I began to introduce texture, it seem to make sense as I will be working with textures.


I am more than pleased. Today has been successful in terms of find a technique that I like and I can experiment with. I have also found that the combination of pro markers, oil pastel and bright colour cut out work well together. I can really begin to see my style coming through using these medias, so I will continue to use these throughout designing.

Besides the colour compositioning and the marks made, today I didn’t get as many drawings as I’d hoped. I want to start sampling and developing my designs further into prints but at the moment I don’t have enough drawings to do so and beginning to worry for time and with the drawings I’ve done I can’t necessarily see them becoming anything for my interiors collection, however, with the more drawings I do the more I can bring marks and drawings together to develop prints. With knowing the specific medias I want to use I suppose this makes it easier for me.

My plan for the week is to continue drawing and creating marks and finalise my colour palette in the dye baths.


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