Dye Baths – part 1

After my tutorial yesterday I didn’t feel as motivated as I had been feeling this past week which was not good, I haven’t scheduled in any time in my timetable to be feeling unmotivated, however with saying that I still came in and used the dye baths and as soon as I started to mix up a colour I got all excited and felt motivated again. I feel as if I’ve got my fabrics together and I will be using a combination of cottons light and heavy with a some silks to extend the range.

It was at this stage of feeling motivated again, when I began to take out samples from the dye baths I decided that I will be carrying out screen printing techniques to create my print and patterns for my collection. This is my strength, works well with my theme. My samples from bags of love weren’t as expected or would like for my designs. By using screen printing and the dye baths I know I am in control of the colours and prints made. For me this is textiles and what I find most exciting. However I will not totally disregard digital software as it is good for developing my designs and taking the best design further into a screen print.

Anyway….the dye baths I created today were, orange and green.

I used my colour atlas created in PS as a reference for the colours I needed to create. After a few  attempts I almost got the orange colour thats with my palette, I think with a little dash of scarlet red I will get the colour I want. So close. The colours that seemed to work best were the cottons, they soaked up the most colour and worked best when they were in the dye baths for 20 mins. The longer they were in the more vibrant the colours were which is perfect for my palette.

Moving over to the colour green, this was slightly trickier as I was trying to create a deep emerald green. The fabrics only picked up a pea green, which is not bad considering the dyrect dye I used was called pea green, great, but not for my colour palette.

I tried amending the colour by adding a bit of black after every sample batch which at one point worked well, the organza picking up the colour best out of all 4 fabrics but as I added more black to change the colour, the other fabrics started to dye blue. So at this stage I decided that the base colour of pea green wasn’t going to create the colour I wanted. So from this on Monday I create my own green in hope I will be closing to an emerald green on all fabrics. I will use acid dyes as well as I know this works best with Silk fabrics and may potentially create a my bright red/orange and the emerald green.

Once these colours are finalised I will begin to work on the next two, by working on a couple of colours at a time I am able to focus on getting the colours and timings right.



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