Surgery Tutorial

Today was not the best day I’ve had, I spent the whole of my day working myself up for what might be said in the tutorial, so when it came to the tutorial I felt more than overwhelmed and what ever was going to be said I knew I was going to get upset, good or bad. I wasn’t as prepared as I would of liked to be because I have been trying to get myself back on top of things with my new project. So of course this didn’t help me for when it came to presenting especially with a timer on to add pressure.

I really just want to be back on track with things, I want to be sampling and design developing, these things normally come with time, I’m worried I just don’t have the time to allow for mistakes. However, once I had done being emotional some of the comments I got were really good, for Irene to recognise my theme and inspiration of music was defiantly a good because that is where I gathered my main inspiration for my client. I also mentioned my strength was textures and would like this to be the main source of my designs. So that being said it is a good place to start for sampling.

As well as worrying about my tutorial today, I am worried about the techniques I would like to use and how successful they will be, screen printing is one of my favourite techniques so it seems obvious for me to continue this, I also feel textures will be best created in screen printing, but on the other hand digital printing is considerably faster, in terms of printing and getting designs developed quicker.

From todays tutorial I didn’t seem to get much advice because I was so overwhelmed but I know I need to be more prepared for the next presentation and this will help me with presentation. I also need to keep on drawing and begin small samples.


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