London Inspiration

Alongside my postgrad visit in Chelsea, in the afternoon I took to the streets of London to gather inspiration for the drawing and design development of my project. I have been thinking carefully about the places that I wanted to visit, visiting only the places that I believe would give me the most relevant inspiration. The places I visited were Shoreditch, Brick lane and Camedon Town.

I found that I was mostly inspired in my trip to Shoreditch with endless corners and streets of graffiti, brighting up the streets. Although I have visited Shoreditch previously and it being one of my favourite places for small independent cafes, I didn’t think I would be as inspired as much as was because I knew what to expect however, that being said I was more than inspired I think this was because when I visited yesterday I went with a different mindset, I was looking for specific details and scenes that I could take inspiration from that had originated from my research.

Below are some of  the photos I gathered most inspiration from in my time in Shoreditch and Camedon.


Today really confirmed it for me that buildings would very much be a part of my project, I am mostly inspired by the height and shapes that are within the buildings and this style of flats/apartments is what I seem to of come across most in the streets of London



Throughout my research I feel that mesh fencing and barbed wire suits the theme of world hood very well. I think this gives a very urban feel because of the buildings in the background. The barbed wire and the mesh fence has been used as a deterrent but with the hole in the fence suggests that someone has ignored these rules and entered anyway and thats what I like most and I think this is what sums up London streets. Norms and rules are broken and I think this helps create an urban theme that has almost been accepted in Shoreditch and Camedon, without breaking rules we wouldn’t have graffiti etc. so because of this, I will be taking the inspiration of the mesh fence further into my designing.


In Camedon I was inspired by the typography, I love both because of the bold graphic style they have and has got me thinking about potentially bringing some text into my designs, at the moment I am not so sure if this would be suitable but it is still a potential route. None the less, the bold graphic style is what I will defiantly be trying to carry out through in my drawing and design development. I also do really like the contrast of graphics with the brick wall textures, this will also be something I think I will bring in with my drawings.


Here was where I am most inspired, I love the small textures found within the pavements, all things that I’m sure a lot of people take no notice of but I think they can make good co ordinating patterns for a collection designs. As well as indents in the paths the painted marks I found within this crossing really links in with my urban theme. I feel as if there has been no thought in painting it back up as there is no clear coverage but because of this it has created an urban textural effect.

Overall today has been a successful day in gathering images and ideas to take further into my designing. I feel as if I have gained a even better understanding of what urban streets are, this is completely important for the development of this project and ensuring I create an urban collection. Without these mistakes and breaking of rules I would have nothing to take inspiration from, so I feel that this needs to be embraced and change some peoples interpretation of London streets through good design.



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