Postgraduate Study – open day

Unfortunately I didn’t make the Professional Practice for postgrad study today as I was visiting a Chelsea for their postgrad textiles course. I’ve always been interested in studying a masters. From foundation level I have found that I like to have meaning within my work or create something to raise awareness or to try and make a change and with the course in Chelsea focusing on sustainability, it sounds right up my street.

However as much as I really do like the idea of having a project that I can research further into and make my own, at the moment I am undecided, I feel as if I am at the stage where I could leave uni a develop my own business, this idea is not as daunting or intimidating as it was once before. As well as these factors and the overall course, living in London is a big factor within the decision of further study, its disheartening with how much rent is in London.

However, time is precious and I do not wish to take a year out working or spending time on something that doesn’t relate to textiles, so this defiantly requires more thinking and consideration of other post grad courses. As well as speaking to a couple of the girls about the professional practice on post grad the the fees will be increasing next year, this has defiantly taken the opportunity to defer year out if I wanted, because if I can’t afford it now, next year will be even harder, at the moment I’m feeling very disheartened, university is such a comfort blanket.




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