Project progression.. its good

So its been about 5 days since I started my new project ‘Urban streets’ and I’ve done quite a bit but thats probably because I’ve started my days at 9am. I have managed to get a good amount of research together at this stage and feel as if I have managed to grasp a good concept and idea through the help of WGSN.

My research into worldhood has got me thinking what is urban?  What is classed as urban streets? The things that spring to mind are, graffiti, pigeons, street signs, signals, buildings and most importantly music. Music being the most important part of this  theme. To me this defiantly signifies as urban, with Grime music being one of the most well known music genres in London streets, with famous music artists such as Skepta and JME, this genre is typically associated with London. This thought process has allowed me to successfully chose my typical client and have come to the decision to create a textile collection influence by British streets.

I am feeling more excited about this because I have managed to create my own interpretation of urban streets that I will take further into printed textiles. It makes absolute sense for me to focus on British streets as thats what i know best.

At this moment in time I have managed to gather enough ideas to start drawing, which is great because I was not feeling like this 5 days ago in my old project.  I took my own interpretation of urban streets and what I think represents urban streets and began to draw some pigeons. They took longer than I had expected but I successfully managed to kick start the next stage. I have taken on some feedback from the IG project to draw in larger scale and found this was slightly nerve racking because its almost as if you don’t have control when you draw bigger. However with this I am not as worried for the mini presentation/tutorial on Thursday as I now have some drawings to present and explain how I will take this further into designs.

I am prepared for the comments that may arise on Thursday (as expected for starting a new project 5 weeks in)  but with my research almost there, drawing and mark making on the way, soon I can start sampling. I would say by Thursday but that might be pushing it. Next week I plan to begin samples and design developments.

Tomorrow I will be visiting London where I will be able to gather plenty more imagery, this will help prevent any creative blocks that may arise and will also inspire drawings that may develop into print and patterns.


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