Theme and ideas

Since I have decided to change my project, it would be helpful to mention what I have changed it to. My theme is inspired by urban cities, I will take inspiration from London as well as other cities I have previously visited. I am interested in the fast paced life that cities have and the industrial feel that surrounds them. I will create and design patterns that surround busy cities taking inspiration from buildings, animals, streets, alleyways, signs, pavements etc. to form my own personal interpretation of urban cities then replicated into interiors.

WGSN – Trend development

To begin researching, I started with WGSN, I have found the trend Worldhood and this represents exactly my ideas and my inspiration of city life, which is good as I was slightly worried that as I am starting a new project I wouldn’t be able to find a trend that I could bounce off. As I have been successful with this trend, I will continue to research into this trend to ensure that my design collection will meet the demand of the market, designing a ¬†collection for A/W 18/19.

Pantone and WGSN – Colour

As well as good solid theme I need a colour palette that will work with the A/W in 18/19, so I have used both pantone and WGSN for colour predications and forecasting. My initial idea for colours for my design collection will consist of a combination of greys as these are what I have mostly found within my visits to urban cities. Luckily my ideas and colour inspirations for this project work closely along the predications for the year 18/19. Colours I will be using, will be grey monotones with a contrast of bright colours.

Now I have secured my new theme and colour palette I will begin with my mood boards.



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