Starting again..

So i’m sure this isn’t the best idea I’ve ever had, starting a new project 5/6 weeks into the final degree show but I just was not feeling the last project with the decline in corals, I was trying to create a style that was not me, I got lost between trying to make something I would love to buy and wear rather than focusing on my strengths in textiles. So although I have invested 5 weeks of my time into a project I’ve decided I have to be true to myself and my style and this means starting again.

I have recently been reading the book the art of thinking clearly and I came across this quote and it makes complete sense for me and confirmed my decision of starting again.

“No matter how much you have already invested, only your assessment of the future costs and benefits counts” – Rolf Dobelli

To continue to create something that is not working or find does not represent me as a designer will not benefit me, I will not be able to deliver and talk about my products and designs as much as I would when I have created something that is my style.

The decision to start again is a big one and requires a lot of (more) hard work but I’m more than sure I will be ok, I will re write my timetable again to make it more detailed to make sure I stay on track and of course my brief will need to be altered but I’m not so worried about this as I only really need to amend a few bits. what i do need to do is start researching, which is going to be the hardest bit because I would have done this twice by now and have invested so much time and money to primary research in the last project but nonetheless I need to get started.

I love textiles so I don’t have a problem with having to put more time in to get me back on track, I think I will continuously find that I will appear behind in comparison to everyone else as the majority of people are sampling and designing whereas I am straight back at the beginning, however, I’m planning on being back on my feet before the visit from Melanie.

As Paige told me, “you can do a lot in a week” and I’m going to keep that in mind, thanks Paige.



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