I like the streets where you are

My mood boards are completed and it has probably been the fastest time I’ve ever managed to get my mood boards completed, I always spend time rearranging and positioning images, all things I don’t have time for this time round, I think thats because I’m feeling the pressure.

  1. Theme/Mood

Theme urban cities.jpg

In the previous post I mentioned about my theme and my ideas that I will be focusing upon urban cities as well as this I will look a little further into the urban streets within the cities. Thinking about buildings, estates, graffiti etc.

2. Colour colour

With the help of pantone and WGSN I have brought together my colour board using the colour predications for A/W 18/19 to run alongside my theme. I have chosen the obvious colours of grey as this is the most common colours within a city. Along the side grey I have carefully selected colours that are typically found within urban cities. Typically found on roads, signs, posters and graffiti. I also think these bright colours also represent what the word urban is all about. At the moment this is my colour palette but I feel there is potential for the colours to extend and will include more colours as I feel the colours found within cities are limitless.


3. Client Profile


Normally I find client boards a lot harder to put together because I feel as If I can never find the right imagery however this time round I found it a lot easier, I think its because I am certain about my theme and who I want to appeal to. My style and approach will simply not appear to everyone due to its bold style.

My client for this project is aimed at young professionals aged 25+. Both male and female professionals that have successfully made it into a creative career, they can appreciate an urban style and approach and understands that design can be found in the streets. My influence for this client board is Skepta.


4. Market Competitors

market competitors.jpg

Finally my last moodboard is my market competitors. My design collection will be influenced through Laura slater and Marimekko. I like their style and approach to design, the use of bold marks and use of shape is something I want to create within my work, this will help me recreate my inspiration of urban streets. My market and client work closely together in terms of pricing strategies.



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