Branching out

So far in this project I have managed to gather enough research for the inspiration of this project to find that some of it is not helping me as much as I thought it would. My research has given me inspiration for my theme colour client and market competitors and even to the shape and style I want my lingerie to look like/be inspired by, however I am struggling to make this project work or develop. I have tried to draw and get my interpretation of corals to paper but I feel as if there is only so far I can go with it, so far at this point in the project I feel lost and feel completely out of my comfort zone.

I am trying to create an urban approach to my theme but I am finding this hard as I am trying to change something that is already elegant, this would be easy to interpret if I had decided to continue with the elegant approach but as this is not my style it seems irrelevant as I want to create a collection that represents me as a designer. Which is proving difficult because my style almost distorts the coral creating something people will not be able to recognise. The drawings I am doing are not developing into anything and I am beginning to struggle.

To solve this dilemma I am experiencing I think I am going to have to branch out to other than just coral and start to bring in other aspects because otherwise I will find the end of this project approaching with very few designs. I will begin to create a mind map of potential ideas I could bring in to work alongside the coral and how I can create them with different techniques, then hopefully I will be able to create the textures I like and that will represent my style.


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