Fabric Choices

As previously mentioned in previous posts and in my brief that I wanted to work with sustainable fabrics is now proving a little bit harder. My research into sustainable fabrics such as peace silks or spider silks are increasingly more expensive than standard silks and are these silks are not applicable for the techniques I wish to experiment with.

For a devore technique the fabric must have combination of natural and polyester fibres for the design to appear, because of this I am now having to reconsider some of my fabric choices and how I use them. Unfortunately I won’t be to use sustainable silks in every way but I can most certainly include some elements of this in parts of my collection.

My biggest worry now is that I am unable to work alongside my brief as I have stressed about the importance of using sustainable substrates for me as a designer and because of the massive influence of my dissertation topic. However, there are many other ways that I can practice sustainable ethics, to be able to justify my decisions in fabrics and the designing processes throughout, I can ensure I use all my materials, that the product designed can have another design aspect to it (underwear as outwear) and that I am able to raise awareness about the decline in coral reefs successfully.


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