Professional Practice – Networking

Todays professional practice was all about highlighting the importance of networking with Tracey Smoilonski. This professional practice was really encouraging and motivating, I left todays professional practice with a clear idea of how to master networking and left understanding the importance of networking and how it can effect a working business into a successful working business.

“who you network with and how you use networks is how you become successful”

From todays professional practice it has become clear from Traceys stories that it is important to collect business cards, purely for the use of networking, the more business cards I am able to collect the more data I am able to gather that will in the future will help me build relationships. Before this lecture I did understand the point of a business card but not to the extent I do now. This lecture has really opened my eyes especially if I ever want to consider working for myself and having my own business.

Today we were also put in the position to think about our type of personality this allowed me to think of my strengths and weaknesses as a person and how I could apply these to networking and bettering myself.


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