Pattern cutting – Julian Roberts

Thank Irene for sending me this link on pattern cutting. This little clip defiantly got me thinking about cutting patterns for my final outcomes, his simple yet effective way of cutting patterns has made me not so intimidated about doing it myself.

Since having a change in style about my approach to a lingerie outcome, its got my thinking about the shapes that I would like to create for one of my pieces. This clip influenced me through its simple shape, I’d quite like to create a similar square shape for a  perhaps a night dress. This  shape could help me with the urban style I want to go forward with, although the shape can create this urban effect, the choice in my fabrics can still offer that elegance that is always within lingerie.

Towards the end of this clip, Julian Roberts talks about adding the seams on the shoulders so of course the dress is practical and can be worn. This then got me thinking about seams and that the effect the seams could have if they were on the outside rather than the inside. After this I am feeling a little more comfortable, I’m not a fashion designer, so who says I have to follow all of these rules within pattern cutting, I think this is the perfect opportunity to embrace the fact I can’t make patterns and create something different.

Anyway, from research and being surrounded by fashion and style everyday what is the correct way of fashion and pattern cutting, there are so many different styles that it makes it hard to distinguish what is the right way.

I will defiantly be revising this clip later on towards the construction of my garments to remind myself of this technique. I’m beginning to visualise garments and ideas now, perhaps this could work and I am excited.


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