A change in style

I am excited about the outcome of this project but as I have started to design my mood boards and live wall sheet, I have found that actually this style is not working for me, its almost too elegant. My main goal for the outcome of this project is to create an elegant underwear set however I feel my approach will be different.

To design something that is completely elegant, soft and sensual will be hard for me, I would say that my style is slightly more urban and that I discovered my style in the previous project for IG ‘bee mindful’. So although I will have an elegance motive for this project my approach  will be different, I will take on this urban approach that I enjoyed most in the last project finding that this works better for me. I also think it will work better for my client and target age of 25+ as I’ve previously said, naturally I will design for an age range closer to me as my inspirations and day-to-day life activities will sub-consciously come through within my work.

Deciding this has lifted a weight off my shoulders, I don’t feel as if I am taking on so much of a challenge, whereas before I was a textiles designer, trying to take on a fashion outcome with a style that is hard for me to create. Now I feel like I can just be myself and work my style to create a fashion outcome. If I follow through with my personal style I will be able to talk about my designs confidently even if this doesn’t appeal to someone elses taste.


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