Colour experimentation

Today I spent my day in the dye lab, I know it is early stages within this project, but I’ve decided that it makes complete sense for me to be experimenting with colour and making sure that I can get the colours that are within my colour palette. Its not something I want to be worrying later down the line as I am more than aware you don’t always get the colours you want first time, so I have given myself enough time to make any amendments to colour if they were to go wrong.

Above are two colours I experimented with yesterday. Dyrect sand Beige which reacted with my silks to create a soft pastel pink and a dysperse bright orange, by timing these samples from 1 minute to an hour allowed me to see the gradual stages in colour and select the most suitable shade for my colour palette.

The beige colour was used to initially to create a beige, the way the dye reacted to the silks was good although it was not intended I managed to find a few shades that worked best within my colour palette. Finding that the synthetic velvet worked best, it managed to pick up the colour best creating a shade of pink I liked in all timings. However the most effective swatches were the samples that were in the dye baths for 30mins and to an hour. This was because I managed to get a deeper shade as you are able to see in the photo on the   right hand side. Because this worked so well I feel like I am in control of dying this fabric, knowing that a colour that is produced will work in my colour palette no matter the time. However as this colour was not originally intended from the sand beige dye, this is the exact reason I am experimenting with this now.

After the pink shade was completed I next experimented with the dysperse dye. This worked well, in terms of producing a colour in different shades, however it was not the colour in my colour palette. I was trying to create a bright orange to replicate the coral within my theme but unfortunately did work, however to address this problem I will next experiment using an acid dye as I know to get the full effect of a colour on silk acid dyes will work best. To get this colour right within my colour palette is most important because it is a colour from my main influence and because this bright orange will work along side nicely with the urban approach to my lingerie designing.

Overall today was a successful day as I found at least one colour that works within my colour palette and I know where to go next to get the orange that works on silks. Fingers crossed that the correct colour of orange is there to create the bright/coral orange I am after. This is just the start of the colour experimentation for my fabrics I still have a few other colours within my palette that I need to replicate in the dye baths.


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