Lace exhibition – Bath spa

As recommended by a friend for my project I took a trip to bath to visit the lace exhibition for some inspiration in recreating and imitating lace to suit my coral theme. This was a successful day because I was able to see how lace has developed and evolved over time yet still hold its meaning to be beautiful and elegant.

The exhibition was small but still very useful it gave me some inspiration to go ahead and experiment creating my own lace. At first I thought this idea to recreate my own lace was an unwritten rule of designing and creating lace, but soon after I felt even more inspired to experiment with this and hopefully it could make its way to a potential design for my lingerie collection.

Similar to the undressed exhibition at the V&A I felt most inspired by how we have evolved although lace in the 1800’s is very outdated and dull, I still take inspiration of the intricacy in the design, the only I thing I would really change is the colour and fabrics as well as how lace was created, my interpretation of lace will be recreated through stitch, perhaps using digital or free machining stitch.

Above are a couple of images I managed to take at the exhibition from the beginning to the most recent style and interpretation of lace, there is a definite change in style and my ideas for my lace interpretation are mostly influenced by the most recent style, designed and created by Grace Weller in 2014.

What I enjoyed most about my trip to the lace exhibition was this quote, I really felt like it applied to the process, production and designing for this lingerie outcome…

“Lingerie must always be very refined.. Real elegance is everywhere , especially in things that don’t show.. Lovely lingerie is the basis of good dressing”  Christian Dior 1954

Elegance has always been shown through lace as I experienced today, so that is important for me replicate this through my designing process to ensure that the lingerie made fits my market and client. Although my interpretation of lace will be slightly different to traditional lace, perhaps more upbeat and modern, it is mostly important that there is an underlying theme of elegance.


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