Tutorial – brief, outcomes and fabrics

Yesterday was my first tutorial with Irene after handing my brief in and it went good. My brief was good. Which was great news  because I was so worried I had either been too broad or too specific and I now know I can get cracking with the design process. The only thing that was suggested and spoke about in my brief was the potential outcomes and what else may they be?

I knowingly wanted to create at least a co ordinating underwear set, but by the end of the tutorial it soon extended to a couple more garments and now at this point I am starting to worry, feeling like I might have bitten off more than I can chew. There are things happening within this fashion outcome that I didn’t even think I would be thinking about.

However, to release some stress off me I have got in contact with AJM who hopefully will be able to bring my underwear to life with my designs, it does not make sense for me to worry about something that is not my strength, although I am aware of pattern cutting I just don’t have the time or the skills to perfect it. I am now waiting for a reply from AJM with a plan of what I need to do to get this altogether. But for now, in the meantime, I need to start to consider my fabrics, what is suitable for my market?  my client and for the overall lingerie outcome.

I have previously researched into sustainable/vegan silks and would love to bring these fabrics in with my collection. However to find these silks are proving a little hard, they are all rather expensive and for student this may be stretching my budget in fabrics. Also at this moment in time I am not sure how much of these fabrics I will need, will these fabrics work with the techniques I plan to experiment with?  Will they work and stretch as a lingerie outcome. My plan for today is to research into these silks and find a website that can offer me samples of these fabrics not only so I know it is legit but so I can sample and test them.

Apart from sustainable silks the other fabrics I am considering at the moment are:

  • Velvets
  • Satin silk
  • organide

These are all fabrics that can offer a femininity with elegance and a sophisticated style. As well as comfort, which of course is important I want my client and women who wear my lingerie to feel confident and comfortable, I’m not doing a mini throwback to when women wore underwear and it caused them pain and broke bones.


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