Professional Practice – Press packs

Todays professional practice was very helpful for the preparation of the degree show. It prepared me for what I need to or may way want to include in my press packs. Todays professional practice was good because I was able to start to think about how I can promote myself as a designer, by having a look at previous examples of press packs was also good for me because I was able to take notes of the things I liked and did not like.

The thing I liked most in one of the press packs was a small felted flower that had been included. Although I don’t do felting,  I could always alternate this idea to fit my style and technique I think it adds a personal touch to the press packs. I also liked the idea of perhaps including a key ring, a key ring is a simple way of advertising your designs, something that is always good if you have your own business or in preparation of setting up your own business.

In todays lecture I was able to make a list of all things to be included and all things that I must revisit. My CV is something that will need to be updated and edited to be appropriate for my press packs and for any company/designers I am trying to promote myself to.

Overall today has been successful and the idea of getting press packs together is not so daunting now I know what is to be included. The only thing that perhaps is slightly intimidating is making sure that I send these press packs to the right people.





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