V&A – Undressed Exhibition

Now I am aware of my fashion outcome idea of lingerie, it only made sense to go and visit the undressed exhibition at the V&A and I honestly could not have felt anymore empowered and inspired. I could not believe what I saw and I could not be anymore thankful for the way design, fashion and women have evolved from corsets that would form and create an unrealistic figure, I can’t help but think how these women survived an hour in these corsets, quite literally breaking a woman’s ribcage. It to somewhat made me feel uncomfortable that women had to put themselves through this to have what was considered desirable figure, to a certain extent this exists today but I do believe that it has changed and through my research here at the V&A I found that was triggered in the 1960s through the influence of fashion designers such as Mary Quant by creating feminine, realistic lingerie that did not put a strain on the body at all.

Anyway through my research here I did find a timeline of different styles/types of underwear and I am so glad that we are past calico knickers and corsets that break your ribs. I have found that lingerie can create a character and identity for a women, with underwear that is provocative to underwear that is elegant, you choose accordantly.

An identity of elegance is what I want to replicate through my theme of coral reefs, as they are so delicate and beautiful my style of lingerie will be for a women who wants to feel elegant yet desirable. – “Creating underwear that is provocative yet leaves enough to the imagination”

“Designing from the outside in” – Stella Mccartney

Overall lingerie is a lifestyle it creates an identity and confidence for some women, through shape, pattern and design. Upon my research here, I read “the fabric speaks” and as I class myself as a textiles designer, it is very important for this project that the fabric speaks, femininity, my theme and a classic sophisticated style  created through print and stitch and then represented through a lingerie outcome which will only enhance femininity. Although at times you are unable to see lingerie, we have come a long way where lingerie can be visible through clothing or even be worn as outwear, these are all aspects I will consider when designing as well as, movement and shape in the fabric.




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