London – Sea life Aquarium

After the visit to the undressed exhibition I then payed a visit to the aquarium to gather first hand imagery and inspiration for my project. Instantly I was inspired by the coral reefs and the fish that were surrounded not only by the reefs but in general, it was so good to see such bright colours that naturally existed and that could potentially make way to my colour palette.

This fish instantly attracted me through its delicacy, pleats and transparency. Seeing this fish led my mind to explore the endless textile possibilities, I thought about the materials I could use and the pleats and material manipulation that I could use to recreate this into a  design. After this I was able to envisage what and how my lingerie outcome would be like and I was beginning to see how my theme, client profile and market competitors would link in well with each other.

At the beginning of this project I had imagined bright and colourful coral reefs, first of all I was a little disheartened when I didn’t find this, but actually as I got more involved I found that the this type of coral was right up my street and discovered that for my outcome and market competitors these colours would be best suited. After spending a few hours photographing corals and fish I was set on my colour palette. My colour palette will featuring the colours of a pale/rose pink, a beige, mushroom/pale brown. These colours come from the coral reefs and therefore will represent my theme best.


After deciding on my neutral colour palette I decided it needed something more. I felt my colour palette needed a bright/fluorescent colour to add to the neutral tones. This idea came from the inspiration of the fish above. Naturally the colour of the coral and fish work well together so it seemed obvious to include this colour combination within my designs. To some it may seem a colour as bright as this can be distasteful and extravagant for lingerie however I am certain a little hint of this colour can enhance and make the palette more tasteful and more importantly, it will apply to my targeted age of 25+ for this collection.

Overall my trip to the aquarium has been successful I have gathered photos for the designing of this collection, settled on a colour palette and began to think about how I can apply my strengths and textiles mind to create potential designs.



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