Just in case I missed anything

Just in case I missed anything at the London Aquarium I decided to take a trip to visit Bristols aquarium. Its safe to say I’m glad I took the trip to London because although there were coral reefs they did not have as much as the sea life aquarium in London. However my trip to Bristol still allowed me to gather inspiration, feeling most inspired by a starfish.


Throughout my practice and development in textiles I have found that I am best tied with textures. I love anything textural and do my best to include textures in my designing, whether that may be through mark making or techniques.

To come across this starfish I was instantly excited. When I look at this star fish, I can imagine embroidery and beading. Since stumbling across this beading is defiantly something I think I would like to explore.

Before I came to uni I would of considered myself a stitcher so it would be nice to pay a small tribute to stitch/embroidery to help recreate these kind of textures through designing.

Through this research to both aquariums I am feeling inspired and ready to begin designing and drawing/mark making.


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