Choosing a Theme – Coral Reefs

Over the christmas break I had a long hard think about what it was I wanted to do for the degree show, I knew I wanted to do something different so I decided to go with a fashion outcome. My idea for my theme came from the constant inspiration and influence from my dissertation ‘Destruction through design: who is to blame and how can design impact sustainability?’ I was interested in human behaviour and the impact we have on the environment and with the decline of coral reefs I knew I wanted to focus on this and create designs that replicate just how beautiful and delicate coral reefs are.  I envisage these designs in lingerie, with such delicate reefs I felt this would be best portrayed through a very feminine outcome and what better way to showcase this feminine idea than through lingerie.

Hopefully creating a collection of designs that can impact peoples mindset and decision making when it comes to coral reefs. I chose this theme because I want to be able to remind everyone the beauty of pattern and life that is under the sea and it is possible for it all to completely disappear within time leaving part of environment just a memory.


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