Consultancy Reflection

Throughout the duration of this project I have enjoyed myself and found that I am beginning to find a style that I like. I have been able to practice and develop my mark making passion and show this in my gift wrap collection. I have developed my skills in Photoshop in terms of taking a drawing further into a design and have managed to grips with some of the tools and have learn’t how they can enhance and make a design better. Photoshop has really worked well alongside me and my mind as I have been able to get designs out quickly and develop designs quickly to see what  exactly will or won’t work. My skills in terms of screen printing have developed, I am now confident in preparing and setting up a screen on my own, all that is good news for me and designing in the future whether that may be outside of uni or for the degree show, by becoming more confident in this I am able to manage my time more effectively as I don’t have to rely on anyone else, If a design hasn’t particularly worked well, I can do it again and just crack on with it.

I have really enjoyed working on a live brief, I have found it is a little taster on what I think life would be if I was to work independently because it is all about taking a brief responding to it creatively and managing to take on feedback in order to develop or to develop to fit the clients needs and style. It has been a nice push to get into a good working order, this term I really have learn’t how important time is and how important it is to be professional and manage your time properly, I do have other deadlines that I need to work on and I also work in the evenings so It is very important that I follow a timetable and address problems quickly so that I can present a final collection. I have found it very hard to do this, finding that at times there are just not enough hours in the day along side uni work, work and a social life and there is nothing more deflating than when something does not go to plan, but I have equally found that I can cope under pressure because I have created a collection I like, I feel represents me, my values and my style all within the deadline.

Pressure this term has been good and bad and have responded to it differently throughout the project but I feel more prepared and ready for my degree show, I feel like I know what to expect for the rest of third year if not more and I don’t think that has come from second year, this live brief, I think has almost prepared me for the degree show. This live brief has also made me rethink materials, textiles does not have to be fabric, it can be paper based too and that excites me!

It has been great to see everyones work and see everyones journey from their miniature trend/prototype boards to other sizes, I also have enjoyed my journey and development from research into a whole gift wrap collection, its been nice to take a step back and see the work I have put in.




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