Different colour ways

After the presentation with IG It was suggested that perhaps I experiment in creating alternative colour ways within a design, I knew that this was something I was going to do anyway but as I had mentioned I worried my collection was maybe be too dark a discussion about alternative colours developed.

The marks I created at the beginning of the project to represent the mark making of the 80’s was the chosen design I was going to practice in different colours within my palette to  take away from the collection being so dark.

My first initiative was to take to photoshop because this was were I developed the design in the first place by inverting the design to then put onto a screen and print with it. In photoshop I tried to invert it, drop in the colour I wanted into the background, fill the back ground etc. However no matter what technique I tried it just would not work as well as the black and white and this was because of the oil pastel, when developing the oil pastel marks in photoshop I found that when I filled the background space with a different colour I would lose all texture and marks that were naturally created through the oil pastel, I did not want this because it defeats the idea of mark making in the first place.

To address this problem, I took to screen printing, as I know the first attempt worked well  I thought why not do this for all of the colours in my palette. Knowing that this has worked before I did not feel so worried, all that I was to do now was to choose my paper, this was important because until now it was not something I considered and did not get the finish I wanted before when printing them out on to matte paper. So I decided to go for an almost silk photocopy paper, the reason I decided this was because I know it can hold ink well with out it bleeding or giving the paper a rippled effect and I chose this because it of the thickness, it was perfect for a gift wrap.

Once printed my alternative colours, I also experimented adding an alternative colour to the double sided wrap I created before and found that this was a successful experiment, creating these alternative colour ways did break up the black within the collection and simply adding it to the back of one of my designs highlighted the other colours within the collection and bounced off one another.



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