IG Presentation

Today had quickly come round and I tried to not let my nerves get the better of me, last night I prepared a short list of the things I wanted to talk about most about my gift wrap collection ‘bee mindful’. This was so I didn’t lose track and go outside the 5 minute time frame. I found that If I was able to write a bullet point list of the most important things to talk about that is more likely to stay in mind rather than detailed pages of notes.

This technique worked and I did manage to stay within the 5 minute time frame and it did come to a bit of a shock to me, because I spent so much time worrying about where about I was in regards to time when I was talking, that In actual fact I was on track and the bullet point list I created did help me in preparation for the presentation.

Overall I think the presentation went ok, the feedback I received was helpful, nothing came as a shock. I  will now continue to improve my collection from the feedback given, so far the areas of improvement are introducing alternative colour ways to the mark making gift wrap, using my colour palette of red, blue and yellow. Perhaps incorporate small elements of colour to the monotone mark making gift wrap, just so that the colour black is not so harsh within the collection. A logo and envelope, for the card, the card itself works well as a simple design element but perhaps the envelope could have some element of design. Also to keep in with the development of giving my card something extra, the seed ideas and how I can incoporate this to my card and work within the theme. Things to consider with this would have to be, stickers  within the packaging so customers would be aware of whats inside and hopefully encourage them more to buy the product.

The presentation of my work itself I feel was ok, however I do think it could of been altered slightly, the rolls I had printed off previously with the matte paper I also included into the overall presentation and now as I look back I feel it was unnecessary to put these in, I feel like it made it appear more black than it actually was, however it was nice to see it in scale and perhaps I would not of got the alternative colour way feedback if I hadn’t of included these.

From the time now and next Wednesday I plan to get these things done or at least begin the design process of some of these things, so that they can be completed before the summative feedback.


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