Making my gift box

After all my planning and prototyping for my gift box, it was time now to actually make my final life size gift box. Previously I had mentioned that I was worried about making my gift box because the increase of the scale, numbers and myself don’t really work.

Now I have printed of my paper to construct my gift box, I was able to construct. However I was worried it would go wrong so to begin with a template in rough paper to see if it would work and if I needed to make any amendments I could do so without ruining my final gift box. After a few attempts of getting this right and making sure all angles and proportions were right I was then able to put the final one together. Below are the images of my final gift box.

I was pleased with how the box had came out and feel it was a good representation of the mini prototype I had created and had taken on the feedback from the tutorial we had before to add in another design on the inside of the bag. The biggest bit of difficultly I had with this box was getting the sides to stay and glue together, the glue gun I had was just not going to work well enough, the glue dried far too quickly, a regular glue stick was also not strong enough, so my last option was a super glue which thankfully worked, I was beginning to worry as we were approaching the deadline I was running out of time.

I really like my gift box, I think it has worked well, designing the bee wing into a repeat pattern was a good idea and has worked well for the overall theme, it fits in nicely with my mark making approach and therefore links in with the rest of my project.


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