Bow and Ribbon combination

Now my bow and ribbon was finally completed It was time now to put the two together, Id hoped that the mesh printed ribbon would still work with the mesh wings, however it just didn’t, I tried to get the two to work by matching them up to the rest of my work, however as much as I wanted them to work it just was not going to.


I think the problem here was that my printed sheet was too strong for the ribbon and the print on the ribbon was just too subtle and got lost, for me I felt the ribbon needed to be bolder, it needed to stand out, I felt like it needed to pop, this was so if you wrap the present up the ribbon stands out and doesn’t get lost, to me a ribbon should be another addition another layer something that contributes to the collection and this design was just weak, it was not giving the effect I wanted.

Now I was beginning to feel a little deflated, I really wish this ribbon was something I thought about earlier on in the project, just so I had time to perhaps dye some fabrics and get the colours that could give a wrapped present that pop and extra layer I am after. I had completely underestimated the design and the complexity the ribbon actually would have for me in this process at the beginning this only seemed minor in comparison to the gift sheet and roll.

Although at this point I do not have time to start dying fabrics because our presentation for IG is just around the corner, I do still have time to do this next week and I will do some dye sampling to get a ribbon colour that works in my collection.

For now, I decided to go back to stitch and stitch into the black mesh fabric as a way of  adding colour as an alternative to see if this would work, I found that the stitched lines of colour were enhanced through the wrap design when wrapped around the present. I did like it, but not enough, I really feel like the ribbon needs to be a colour, so this will be something I will leave for next week and further on to experiment with.


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