Gift bow creation

So after the short panic of not knowing how to create my gift bow or how if the idea was even going to work, I had finally created it and it actually worked, only after a few attempts but by the end of the day I had created my gift bow.

My first idea to create the gift bow was to use the bee wings and the first plan of action was to create this is using dissolvable and free machining as my technique. After drawing the wings onto the dissolvable I liked it and the panic of this not working was non existent, It was coming along nicely.

After stitched and cut out all that was left to do was to dissolve them.


And here as you can see, this idea did not work so well, they had lost their shape and not all parts were joined together as strongly as I thought they were falling apart, this was not something that was going to make it as my gift bow. Maggie and I talked about adding stiffener to the design so that I could shape and mould them, however I could just not see this working and as I’d given myself a specific time frame to get this done, I had to move on and try something else.

After this slight disaster came a little panic but to address the problem I took a step back at it and thought about what it was I liked about my work so far. In previous posts I had spoke about the mesh fabric and how I liked working with that. When printing onto the mesh fabric, the print was not as strong as I had hoped and the mesh was too transparent for the design, so I thought although it didn’t necessarily work for the ribbon, the fabric could work better for the bow, this way the wings would still remain transparent like a bees wing, yet the stitching will hold together and the shape of the wing would remain.


Above are step by step photographs of my bow creation using the mesh fabric and it worked! it worked so much better than than the first dissolvable attempt, here it had held its shape a lot better and this was due to only partially dissolving the material, that meant I could mould and shape it so once it was dry it would hold its shape and I believe it held its shape a lot better because of the mesh fabric I decided to use.

Now that I had my bow design completed, I experimented on both black and white mesh but found that i preferred the white mesh and this was purely because of the amount of black and monotone that I have within my collection so far I didn’t want the wings to get too lost.

I began to create more of my bee wings so I had more to play around with began layering them up to see if I could get that 3d form I was after. I pleased with the outcome and decided that this was going to make the collection, all that was left to do now was to sew them all together so they come as one and form a gift bow.

What I like about this was that when they were layered up behind one another you could see the other stitched lines through one another and I thought this was a nice replication of an actual bees wing, in a close up of a wing there are small thin lines that aren’t always so dominant but still remain.


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