Gift bow panic

Nothing like a few hours of panic just a few days before our deadline, I still am so unsure what to do for my gift bow, the idea of the bees wings keeps on coming up and I love the idea but I can’t help but think its not going to work with the gift ribbon, I’m not so worried about the rest of the collection because I think it would work I just think the bow and the ribbon wouldn’t necessarily work together and really it should because they will be next to each other if wrapped up on a present so It really can’t be something that doesn’t work together.

Moving on to my next worry is that if I do carry out the wing idea through to a gift bow, how am i going to stop the wings looking so limp and lifeless, it needs to be a strong and almost be 3d which leads to my next question, how can I make this 3d? all these questions and worrys that are going round and round in my mind with such little time to create this idea. Tomorrow I will take to the stitch workshop and ask maggie for some advice, I’m sure she will be able to help point me in the right direction.

My next potential idea is to create a nice neat tidy gift bow, a bow that is strong and geometric, again taking inspiration from the honeycomb and the bees. The idea for this bow is to include colour to link back in with my colour palette and to be completely made from fabric, maybe to include the black mesh fabric that I liked with the yellow gift tag idea (see previous post). But again like I said I am worried about this clashing with the gift ribbon. What I think I need to do is gather a small collection of this like I have done before and lay all mini samples out together to see how they work together, that way I can visually see this coming together rather than imagining what it could look like, but all in quick time, tomorrow will be a busy day! I am going to dedicate myself half a day to getting this gift bow completed and will leave myself time for error and improvements, fingers crossed there won’t be too much of that tomorrow.


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