All things bee

Throughout this project my main focus has been about the bees and how I could interact with customers in a fun way to help raise awareness about the decline in bees, it is something I feel is my job as a designer to help contribute to have a better environment.

I am aware that people don’t share the same interests and passion as me when it comes to the environment a lot of people think I’m old before my time or I’m just boring, so of course I’m using this project as a way of showing how people can contribute to the environment and it doesn’t have to be ‘boring’ or feel as if I’m pushing you to do something you don’t really care about, the idea is to create something fun that people will naturally want to get involved and this is where my new product idea comes in.

At the start of the project I experimented with making paper but except when I was making paper I included seeds in to them, this was my first idea of creating a product , perhaps a card that had something more to it and can help raise awareness about the bees, however after the first visit from IG, Sarah had said it didn’t really work in with the theme, which was slightly annoying because in my head I was set and that was going to be the NPD.

Now at this point in the project I have started to think of an alternative way that I can bring in these seeds to the gift wrap collection, below is an image taken from my sketchbook where I have begun to think of a different idea.

So my new idea was to glue the seeds somehow to a piece of card all in the style of ‘all things bee’, this would be a small collection of 4-5 things that throughout my project represents a bee and its life, this including the classic honeycomb hexagon that I like, the silhouette of a bee and the flowers that I’ve so desperately been trying to include and these would be placed into a little pocket on the inside of the card that the customer could then take out and plant.

I thought this was a great idea until I actually tried it, it did not work, I tried with a hot glue gun and the seeds went into a clump, I tried with a regular glue stick and then the seeds didn’t even stick. So my next idea is to now revisit the paper I created back in the beginning, even though it was said it doesn’t necessarily work with the collection, I think it could still be an element of the collection. It may not work as a card design but they could work in this way. I will experiment cutting up some of the samples I created previously into all things bee and hopefully, fingers crossed these will work perfectly for my NPD.


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