Gift tag design

As mentioned in the previous post that this week and been a week of making amendments, my gift tag design idea had changed. Instead of the bee being the gift tag, Id moved onto the idea of the simple hexagon shape, I have a lot of the bee design going on, with the wing and the bee print itself, I did not want this to be a merge of bees, so this meant for some re designing.

I took my designs to a screen and began screen print, using some elements of gold to see if it would work and it did, but not with my collection, so at this point I really did have to let this gold input go. Below is the image of the gold tag idea, using gold foil and flock for the bee.


I experimented with flock hexagon shapes but found that flock colours I was using just didn’t fit in, it was the wrong shade of colour, I also used black foils and black flock but again this meant I was sacrificing my bold colours, so I know now, my tag is going to be a screen printed colour, either red blue or yellow, in a hexagon shape, with perhaps a small bee printed onto it.

I have experimented this already and do like the outcome, below is a photograph of the design.

I like it! I like this little print, it makes me happy, its so bold and graphic and think it would work nicely as a tag. Over it I have placed some black mesh fabric which I also really like, I really feel they respond well together, this is a potential idea for the little ribbon to attached the two together.

However this has got me thinking and I can’t believe how many times I have dreamt about a gift tag, never thought such a thing would take over, but I am now considering incorporating some of my marks that have been used throughout all of this project into the background, so this is to be something I will experiment with on Monday and I am giving myself only the morning to do so, I can’t let a gift tag take over any more.


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