Gift ribbon

With a few things almost narrowed down and completed, my gift ribbon was next on my list and was completed by the end of the day! As mentioned I liked the mesh fabric used, I took that as my fabric to use for the ribbon, I experimented with both black and white, screen printing on top of using my bold colour palette and mark making designs. I started by printing onto the white and it worked well, next I printed onto the black and this didn’t work so well when the colour dried, the colour was non existent.

Above is an action shot of me drying my mesh fabric after it had been printed with layers of colour, it was here in this photo I began to have doubts that perhaps it was not going to work as well, purely because when held up to light you can’t see the design, but when on the black background it works so well (like the print tables) however they both have their pros and cons, although its slightly transparent and it may not work that well, it can be a nice touch and like mentioned about the gift box, that its not so over powering, this can still work as subtle way of adding my design into the collection. When the ribbon is folded and knotted the design will naturally build up through the use of layers so its not like it will be completely invisible. An idea to avoid  this and enhancing the colour and design as much as I can, is to perhaps incorporate some black fabric underneath and stitch over the top of the design.



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