wrap paper

Earlier on in the week I had sent my designs created in photoshop over to the print studio to be printed, I wanted a matte style paper because I thought this would look nice with my theme as I have gone for a bold print I thought that the matte paper would like great in this. A discussion with one of the guys in the print studio ended and I handed them my work to be printed.

After collecting all three of my designs (so my gift sheet and the two rolls, the digital bees and the black and white mark making bees) and the mini heart attack that came along with it when paying for my sheets. I found that the paper wasn’t right, it would look great I think if you were going to use it for a poster but as a gift wrap it doesn’t work, you could not wrap anything in this, unless it was either stapled down or taped with duct tape.

This was extremely disheartening especially after it cost so much to get printed and then deciding the day before they weren’t going to be used in the collection either it was slightly annoying, however I just had to move on from it before it continued to get me down. The gift sheet I think I will keep with the matte effect because it can be used as a poster perhaps but the two rolls, it just wasn’t going to work as a roll. However in all this upset, It has made me think that the paper needs to be considered which to anyone else that probably made sense considering it is a paper based collection, I think I had just got so caught up in designing that I didn’t think and I think that this is not necessarily something that comes naturally to me, naturally I know more about fabrics and what fabric would look better with a certain type of design but in terms of a range of different papers its not something I know so much about.

Although these printed rolls are not suitable, I suppose it will be a nice thing to keep for the future.


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