Double sided wrap

So at this point my mini prototype box has been created and now I had the idea of creating a double sided gift wrap, something I thought would be fun and original, turns out its not, it has been done before, but never the less, I still experimented and I liked what I got.

Here are the photos taken of the small wrap ideas I have got for my collection, what I like about having this as my roll is that it allows choice, the customer gets to choose what side they’d like to wrap their present in and it can add a little touch to the edges when/if folded over ever so slightly at the end of the present. However as much as I thought this was a nice idea I decided to leave it and use them both separately as two rolls of wrap that I would present in my collection.

It was also at this point that we decided, in our peer group assessment that this roll with the bees printed on clashes too much with my gift sheet, they are too similar. which before this I hadn’t really thought of that, I saw them as two separate pieces and now I have thought about it, if you was going to wrap them both in presents you wouldn’t think they were any different and that is obviously not ideal.

But on the other hand as a group it was decided that I should use the bees printed on to cellophane as my wrap and include some tissue paper to include underneath to really show the bee print. Although I was slightly disheartened we’d decided to take away the digital print of bees but I am much more confident with the printed bees on cellophane, screen printing is more my strength than digital and the cellophane bees has much more of a continuous repeat pattern. The repeat pattern refresher I took a couple of weeks back was a good refresher and very helpful in making sure I got this right as on photoshop I seemed to be stressing my self out in making sure I got it right.





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