Professional practice – KC

Todays professional practice was with Keireine it was almost a refresher from first year about all of keireines research into weaving, what I particularly loved about was hearing the friendship that she has built over the years with the other weavers and the connections created within other areas of research. I also enjoyed hearing about the creation of looms and found it fascinating how this one loom almost covered the whole kitchen. It was great to see someone else journey and the time and patience that goes into the research and weaving itself. Its a shame its dying out as I think it is defiantly something people appreciate without realising, but perhaps that is it people don’t necessarily want to understand and appreciate it.

Shortly after our professional practice with kiereine, we then had a short talk about pgce as an potential option after graduation, the option to take the route and become a teacher, at first this was something I was not interested in but as the talk went on I almost became convinced, it seemed to be well thought out structure with the a good amount of experience, however at this moment in time the idea of teaching young children scares the hell out of me but after today it is defiantly  a route I would now consider, I do like the idea of teaching a subject that I love and it is a great way to create and raise awareness about becoming/being sustainable through creativity and this would evidently help contribute to the state the environment is in.


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