Bag prototype

After what felt like a dead end with this project I managed to pick myself up with a few tutorials and the design of my bag, at first the idea of creating this bag and thinking about the end product really did scare me but after putting some ideas from 2d to 3d I found that it actually was going to be ok and I liked what I was creating. With the design on the bag I could see it coming together and once the miniature version was created I could see the collection tying in together nicely.

To start with I experimented using scrap paper so I didn’t waste any print credit or any final sheets of design if I made a mistake or error which I almost more than sure I was going to, by using scrap paper I knew I could easily edit it if needed. So after finding a design idea I liked I just had to actually create the layout and measurements, which with me is not my strong point, me and numbers don’t necessarily always work together well, but after constant rubbing out and remeasuring lines, I got it! I had got myself a miniature bag template that now just needed constructing.

Above are the imagines of my first mini prototype for my gift bag idea, playing on the hexagon shape, this shape related well back to my project coinciding with the bees. I really like how this has come along now and the previous week of dread seems as if it was ages ago, I like how it relates back to the bees but does not over power the bag, which means in theory it will work and compliment the rest of the collection, especially because my sheet and repeat roll are heavy bold designs, the collection does need a little breathing space.


As well as creating the one design idea in 3d I experimented with a similar design, keeping with that hexagon shape again but elongated it, but after forming it from 2d to 3d I quickly decided I did not like this style and decided to keep with the original concept.

Now that I had chosen my design, it had  been finalised, I decided I needed to create another version for my trend board and more importantly to complete it again in a design so I can see the progress and again to see if it will actually tie in with the gift wrap collection as much as I had hoped.

Above are the images of my newly developed gift bag in the chosen design, this design has been inspired by the design of a bees wing, again I have used oil pastels to keep in with the design and flow of my project but also have incorporated a small element of fine liner to add more detail and create those fine lines within a bees wing. I am pleased with the outcome all the needs to do be done now is, to create a bigger version all of which I am petrified of, well mostly petrified of working on the numbers and scaling it up, because yes I really am that bad with numbers but I will get there, it has to be done.

Throughout the designing of this bag, I have come to realise that actually my bag doesn’t actually look like a bag because it doesn’t have any handles something all bags require, so I begin to think how I could attach to handles to this, however after thinking long and hard, I’ve decided that if I add handles I think it will take away the top of the bag/box with the pleated scrunched effect and I would rather like that to remain as the focus point other than some handles that drain the design/ bag. So, my bag will actually become a box.

Just one last thing with my mini prototype was just to check that it works with the rest of collection, so i gathered the elements of the gift wrap collection (well what I had created so far) and put them all together so i could see finally what they looked like together.

Yay! I am super pleased I like how it fits in with the bee gift wrap rolls. I had taken on the advice from the first initial meeting with Sarah to include the black and white into my collection because sub consciously it was my style and I am glad I have brought it in because I really do like the outcome and feel perhaps I have found my style in the design process of this live brief.img_3540

Comments and suggestions to add – the gift box is not necessarily completed, the inside of the bag needs to be filled with another design of mine because at the moment where it is pleated you can see the white paper. After discussions with my tutor it was decided that it would like better to include another design within the box and I agree, I feel the design will look more professional and is another way of including the design thats on the inside of the bag onto another element of my gift wrap collection whether that may be the tag, ribbon bow.


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